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State Park Grant Programs Projects

Over 7,500 parks have been created or improved with OGALS' grants since 1965. Explore the legacy below!

Park Funding - Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS), since 1965

State bond acts from 1965 to 1988 and other OGALS grants including the Recreational Trails Program and Habitat Conservation Fund will be added to this page's search options soon.
21,414 Grants
$6,007,811,851 Total Granted

Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (SPP), since 2009

SPP is the largest park-related program in California’s history. This page shows “before and after” photos of grant project sites. Building successful parks in underserved communities is “a work of art.” Parks are unique places where children can play, families and friends bond, people exercise, seniors socialize, youth are mentored, cultures are celebrated, and everyone connects with nature. For these reasons and more, vibrant parks funded by SPP will create healthier communities. Find out more at
313 Projects
$1,222,578,557 Total Granted
$7,693,139,788 Total Requested

Outdoor Equity Program (OEP)

The Outdoor Equity Grants Program (OEP) will increase the ability of residents in low income urban and rural communities to participate in outdoor experiences at state parks and other public lands. OEP encourages applicants to establish a home base in an underserved community as the hub for local activities and trips to natural areas. OEP empowers youth and families through outdoor leadership education, career pathways, environmental justice engagement, and access to nature.
125 Projects
$57,000,000 Total Granted
$167,786,074 Total Requested
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