Parks for All Californians

Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (SPP)
$5,263,687,610 Total Requested
$622,942,000 Total Granted
187 Grant Projects

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SPP is the largest park related grant program in California’s history. This page shows “before and after” photos of grant project sites. Building successful parks in underserved communities is “a work of art”. Parks are unique places where children can play, families and friends bond, people exercise, seniors socialize, youth are mentored, cultures are celebrated, and everyone connects with nature. For these reasons and more, vibrant parks funded by SPP will create humane and healthier communities.

Designing Parks Using Community Based Planning Methods

With $1 billion in local assistance grants, SPP is creating park access in underserved areas throughout California. SPP's grant guidelines, written with feedback from hundreds of local park agencies and nonprofit organizations, led to the development of a three-step public engagement model for designing community parks. Find out how you can design vibrant community parks!