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The California Department of Parks and Recreation serves a critical coordinating role in expanding park options for traditionally underserved communities.* This role is enhanced through local assistance grants and new partnerships with health agencies to inform the SCORP.

The three tools below use park and population data to assess park need, providing a common baseline to measure park access for regions, counties, communities, and specific project locations.

Park Access  

Use this tool to scan an area as an overview

Community FactFinder  

Use this tool to get site-specific data

Outdoor Equity Program  

Use this tool to get site-specific data

Per Capita Income  

Use this tool to get site-specific PCI data

Designing Parks Using Community Based Planning Methods

With $1 billion in local assistance grants, SPP is creating park access in underserved areas throughout California. SPP's grant guidelines, written with feedback from hundreds of local park agencies and nonprofit organizations, led to the development of a three-step public engagement model for designing community parks. Find out how you can design vibrant community parks!

Four people sit on logs in newly established neighborhood park

Building Parks in Communities

People need the time and financial resources to travel to parks away from their communities. Only the presence of a park within a community can provide immediate daily access for its residents.