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Rebuilding Connections to Nature After Dixie Fire

Amount $447,395
Grantee Plumas Charter School
Award Year 2022
Funding Source General Fund, Outdoor Equity Program
Project Type Program Operation
Project Status


Conduct the Plumas Charter School - Rebuilding connections to nature after the Dixie Fire for residents near Indian Valley Academy/Taylorsville Learning Center. This program will include approximately 264 activity days in the community for approximately 5,400 participants and approximately 131 trips to natural areas for approximately 2,800 participants during 31 months of programming.

Activities in the community will include Rediscovering Connections to Nature After Wildfire; Rebuilding Community and Restoring Ecosystems Post-Dixie Fire; and Developing Outdoor, Recreation, and Natural Resource Skills.

Trips to natural areas outside of the community will include Camping Trip at Lassen National Park; Exploration and Camping at Humbug Valley; Tracing the Feather River to Oroville Dam; Mining and Recreation at Plumas Eureka State Park; Bay Tour of Natural Resources in California at and near Half Moon Bay; Nature Exploration and Camping at Yosemite National Park; Backpacking Trip at Plumas National Forest; Ecology and Recreation in Bodega Bay; Wildflower Art and Ecology at Table Mountain; Ecosystem Restoration in Indian Valley, Plumas County; Backpacking Skills Development in the Lost Coast; Burned Area Recovery Exploration in Genesee Valley; Visiting the Headwaters at Antelope Lake; Learning to Ski at Coppervale; Taking Your Ski Skills to the Next Level at Donner; Searching for Salmon in Butte, Mill, and Deer Creeks; Building Climbing Skills at Feather River College; Natural Resource Management Skills and Exposure at Working Lands in Plumas County; and Mountain Biking in South Park, Plumas National Forest.

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Community Home Base Location
4352 Main St. Taylorsville, CA 95983
County Plumas
Assembly District AD 01 Megan Dahle (R)
Senate District SD 01 Brian Dahle (R)
Congressional District CD 01 Doug LaMalfa (R)

Other Program Goals

Service Learning/Career Pathway/Leadership Opportunities

Wilderness First Aid Training – Students who have expressed interested in pursuing careers related to outdoor recreation and have participated in training session/trips will receive certification in Wilderness First Aid.

25 students certified.

Basic 32 Wildland Fire Training – Students who have interest in wildland firefighting or natural resource careers will participate in Basic 32 Wildland Fire Training led by Plumas National Forest Fire staff. This, in addition to a few short online courses and pack test (which will also be made available to students) allows them to be “red carded,” or eligible to serve on wildland firefighting crews once they turn 18.

15 students trained.

Leave No Trace Certification – All students who participate on the 8th grade trip will receive Leave No Trace Training, which will be relevant for resumes and applications relating to outdoor recreation and natural resource careers

50 students certified. 

Career Technical Education (CTE) Credits in Outdoor Recreation – Students who participate in outdoor recreation skills training activities related to Activity Goal 3, and who participate in Natural Areas Trips 7 and 11 are eligible to receive Career Technical Education Credits in Outdoor Recreation, which matriculate with the Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program at Feather River College. Students may also serve as student leaders on Trip 7, if desired.

24 student learning opportunities.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Credits in Natural Resources – Students who participate in natural resource skills training activities related to Activity Goal 3, and who participate in Natural Areas Trips 10 and 18, are eligible to receive Career Technical Education credits in Natural Resources and Forestry, which matriculate with the Environmental Studies, Ecological Farming, and Wildland Firefighting programs at Feather River College.

24 student learning opportunities.


Feather River College (FRC) Outdoor Recreation Leadership (ORL) Program

The ORL program at FRC plays an integral role in supporting Natural Areas Trips 17 and 19 (Criteria 3). Grantee has partnered with ORL to create opportunities for their students to serve as mentor-leaders during outdoor recreation adventures for 7-12 students. They support these efforts by providing instruction, gear, and facilities for these activities, while FRC supports them by creating opportunities for their students to practice instruction/guide skills they have learned in the ORL program. They also play a key role in mentoring youth after the grant period (Criteria 6).

Feather River Land Trust (FRLT)

Feather River Land Trust is a key partner in achieving Natural Area Trip 12. They will lead activities on the Heart K Ranch in Genesee, which are important to Activity Goals 1 and 2 in Criteria 2.

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

SBTS will support this grant by providing instruction on trail building and maintenance techniques, while also creating space for students to support the recovery and restoration of local trails (Activity Goal 3 and Natural Areas Trip 18).

Plumas FireSafe Council (PFSC)/Plumas Underburn Cooperative (PUC)

PFSC and PUC are key partners in helping students to learn about Defensible Space (Activity Goal 2) and other natural resource management skills related to preventing and controlling wildland fire (Natural Areas Trip 18).

Greenville Long Term Recovery Group

The Greenville LTRG is critical in helping to achieve Activity Goal 2 and Natural Areas Trip 10. Not only will the group help guide activities to be completed during Activity Goal 2, they will also help connect with individuals seeking support that students and community members can help address during Natural Areas trips.


Up to 20 youth with an interest in pursuing careers in outdoor recreation and/or natural resources will have the opportunity to work with the school counselor to develop a program of study in the relevant Career Technical Education pathway within the school. Youth will be mentored directly after the grant program and for the remainder of their secondary schooling. If students choose to pursue a degree at Feather River College, grantee will continue to try to work with them as college students through career planning and leadership opportunities.

Annual Reports Start in December 2023!

Grantee will report the number of children served, partnership accomplishments and lessons learned, how educational goals were achieved, and unforeseen challenges and recommended solutions, with the goal of inspiring and building capacity for future outdoor program providers throughout California.