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Park Access Tool

The California Department of Parks and Recreation is proud to provide 2020 neighborhood-level park access and demographic information. This tool is updated for California's SCORP every five years. The next update will be released in 2024/25 to inform California's 2026-2030 SCORP.

Two standard methods are available to help identify areas in need of additional parks.

Living within a half mile of a park

  • First map: Identifies neighborhood areas that do not have a park within a half mile.

Park acres per one thousand residents

  • Second map: Displays the ratio of park acres per thousand residents. For a more specific analysis of a potential project site, use the Community FactFinder
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0% of residents of this area live further than a half mile from a park. Methods
0% of residents of this area live in areas with less than 3 acres of parks or open space per 1,000 residents. Methods