Parks for All Californians

California’s Health in Parks Survey

Who will be surveyed?

Californians throughout the State! Partners are encouraged to reach people outside of a park setting to capture the needs of Californians who may not be using a park often.

The survey will be available in multiple languages to ensure reaching a diverse population (Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, and Hindi).

Click the button below to begin the survey:

Who will survey the public?

We encourage you to outreach to the public to collect responses! Partnerships with universities, local park agencies, along with health and community-based organizations are needed for overall success.

How will Partners benefit?

Partners can use this tool to get direct results for their targeted area or community of choice by requesting a report once the responses have been entered.

Partners will also be recognized in the 2020 SCORP submitted to the Governor and Secretary of the Interior.

How will the survey be designed for local Partners?

The survey system is mobile friendly and designed to provide results for a targeted area or community.

Printable versions are also available. Note: If you prefer to collect responses with a paper survey, you will need to enter the survey responses into the online database.

Print version is an alternative way to collect responses