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Richmond's Pogo Park -- Funding Success - Yellow Brick Road

The “Yellow Brick Road” is a pedestrian and bike path marked by bright, yellow patterns stenciled directly onto public sidewalks and roads to safely link together key resources in their community − churches, parks, schools, parks and other facilities. The aim of the Yellow Brick Road is designate safe walking and biking routes for everyone in the community to navigate to and from important places within the Iron Triangle neighborhood.

Do you have an idea for how a new park or a new recreation program can address a health and safety challenge?

Story Ideas:

  • Learning Opportunity: Decision makers will become informed about the health and safety benefits of a park or recreation program.
  • Inspirational Presentation: The story is told by a community resident(s).
  • The content is likely to inspire decision makers to invest in parks and recreation programs.

Video Tips:

  • Show and give background of the community so viewers can get a “sense of place”.
  • Post your video on the internet (YouTube, Periscope, etc.) and provide a link to the video.