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Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno County

El Dorado Park is an exciting example of the community collaborating with local organizations and agencies to create and sustain a green space in an impoverished neighborhood with high crime. With a lot of collaboration and community attitude to visualize what was possible, the City’s park department coordinated with the Boys & Girls Club of Fresno County, a local church, PG&E, two private foundations, and KaBoom! Playground Equipment to create the new home of a Boys & Girls Club in 2011.

Do you have a "How To" story that can help other agencies?

Examples include:

  • Positioning parks and recreation during budget negotiations
  • Innovative projects and programs for community health
  • Community based planning models
  • Fundraising approaches
  • Initiating partnerships

Story Ideas:

  • Learning Opportunity: Park and recreation providers will gain valuable and practical knowledge to solve a problem.
  • Inspirational Presentation: Content is likely to inspire others to use this same solution.