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Restoring Natural Environments in an Urban Setting: Elk Grove Rain Garden

The City of Elk Grove transformed a blighted one-acre site into an educational and recreational experience that mimics a natural approach to retain and cleanse urban stormwater runoff to protect the environment and promote future sustainable development practices. The Rain Garden Plaza project demonstrates the connection between a small urban space and innovative stormwater management practices through simple and cost-effective low impact development (LID) techniques to conserve water.

Do you have a "How To" story that can help other agencies?

Examples include:

  • Positioning parks and recreation during budget negotiations
  • Innovative projects and programs for community health
  • Community based planning models
  • Fundraising approaches
  • Initiating partnerships

Story Ideas:

  • Learning Opportunity: Park and recreation providers will gain valuable and practical knowledge to solve a problem.
  • Inspirational Presentation: Content is likely to inspire others to use this same solution.