Parks for All Californians

Inventory of Agencies

California's 150-Year parks legacy, encompassing nearly 14,000 parks and open space areas, was created through the actions of nearly 1,000 public agencies and nonprofits. The agency inventory below can help organizations search for new Partners in their area of interest:

  • Search for an agency by name
  • Search agencies by city or county, or agency level
  • Click on any agency's name to access its website and contact information

To find a Partner, you may select one filter option below and leave the other filter options blank or as "show all". For example, if you select a "County", all agencies that own land or operate in the county will be listed. Or, you may combine filter options to find agencies that own land in multiple jurisdictions. For example, if you select Imperial County and the City of Alameda it will list only the agencies that operate in both of these jurisdictions.

The Partner list is derived from two sources: 1) land holding agencies stored in the California Protected Areas Database (CPAD). 2) The Office of Grants and Local Services' database. Do you know of a park agency in California that is not on this list? Send updates and additions to

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