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The Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) administers grant programs funding local, state, and nonprofit organization projects.

This tool shows California's park legacy of over 8,500 grants totaling over $2 billion through these four funding sources.

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The following abbreviations are used for each funding source:

  • "LWCF" means the Land and Water Conservation Fund (Federally funded through the National Park Service)
  • "SPP" means the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program funded through the 2006 Bond Act (Proposition 84)
  • "NEF" means Nature Education Facilities Program funded through the 2006 Bond Act (Proposition 84)
  • "P12/P40" means the Proposition 12/2000 Bond Act and Proposition 40/2002 Bond Act grouping of twenty-two local assistance programs

Block grants are allocated to public agencies and individual grant amounts are determined by population. Therefore, jurisdictions with higher populations receive larger grant amounts. This tool groups the twenty-two local assistance grant programs into P12/P40 to simplify viewing for users due to the high number of Block Grants explained in 1-3 below:

  1. Between P12/P40, OGALS administered almost 7,000 grants; of those, 86% (about 6,000) were non-competitive block grants. 9% (about 600) were competitive and 5% (about 400) were legislatively specified grants
  2. Many agencies received four block grants, which were often combined to fund one project at one park
  3. Other agencies used one block grant to fund minor work (such as drinking fountains) at multiple parks

A list of P12/P40 grant programs and projects is available here:

More information about an individual P12/P40 funded site or program may be requested at:

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Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
Since 1965
Proposition 84, Statewide Parks Program (SPP)
Proposition 84, Nature Education Facilities Program (NEF)
Proposition 12 and 40 (P12/P40)
2000 and 2002

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Parks/public open space with open public access. Based on CPAD2014a.
Severely disadvantaged: MHHI is less than $42,737
Disadvantaged: MHHI $42,737 - $56,982
No data: no MHHI unavailable
Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), Statewide Park Program (SPP), Nature Education Facilities Program (NEF), and Propositions 12 and 40